Apple unveils AAA games with ray tracing on latest iPhones

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Apple’s launch event was held on Tuesday, September 12. The new iPhone 15 reveal announced many things, including the company’s move to switch to a USB Type-C cable. Additionally, the new A17 Pro chipset on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max devices.

iPhones are already known for stability in the gaming scene due to its singular OS across devices. However, there was one announcement that the gamers did not expect at all, ahead of the iPhone 15 launch.

During the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max showcase, Apple revealed that the device can run AAA games without breaking a sweat. The new A17 Pro chipset will support real-time ray trace games on smartphones for the first time, as per Esports.

Apple showcased four games running on the device without a hitch. These include Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Death Stranding. Not only this, ports for these games are also coming to iPhone.

While mobile gaming is pretty popular among the majority of the players due to its simplicity, it suffers a huge drawback of having inferior graphics than a PC or console device. To add injury to insult, companies are now coming up with handheld devices that can run these modern games on the go and can do much more.

No updates regarding AAA games on iPhone 15, 15 Plus

Apple, however, did not reveal the power draw or technical stuff. Hence, there is no way to know how long someone will be able to play AAA games until the battery runs out. Ray tracing itself is something an average PC cannot handle properly.

Nevertheless, this seems like a great start for mobile users. It also gives Android to build similar options to enjoy AAA games on-the-go. There is currently no news about iPhone 15, 15 plus supporting AAA games, as they have the older A16 chipset.